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Re: Jobs and Cookies

Poster: SheehanTA@aol.com

In a message dated 96-10-16 20:39:12 EDT Lord Jonathan writes:

>So I guess that while it isn't letter-of-the-law necessary to be squired,
>etc, in order to become a peer, it certainly (prevailing attitude) seems
>that if you aren't apprenticed/squired, you're either a nobody
>politically, in which case you're going to linger a lot longer as a
>non-peer than you ordinarily would, or you'd better be God Incarnate at
>whatever you do, or else you'll always be a non-peer.
As a peer (and never apprenticed Laurel) I would like to point out there are
many names of squires, apprentices, and proteges which may linger upon the
respective peerage watch lists for years who never attain peerage.  I'm still
a relatively new peer, but the awards (kingdom or peerage) that get made seem
to me to go to those who have supporters (peers or not) who write letters and
make very sure that members of the appropriate orders are aware of the good
work being done by an individual.  Awards get given when the powers-that-be
are made aware.  We have only one set of royalty and perhaps 120 active peers
in the kingdom.  There were about 1200 people on The Acorn mailing list last
I remember a count.  Do the math.  There are a lot of you and relatively few
of us.  Good order members try to be conscientious and make recommendations,
but we just can't see it all.  If you think someone deserves an award, write
to the principal of the order and the royalty and do it every reign or two
until what you desire comes to pass.  That is how awards happen more often
than not.

Just to make one more point; an art is an art, a service a service.  If you
see someone doing something good, but outside the common frame of reference,
you have an obligation to make that known as well.  A logical argument will
sway opinion many times.

Mistress Deirdre O'Siodhachain

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