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Re: Jobs and Cookies

Poster: Dawn Skully/HNS <Dawn_Skully@notesgw.hns.com>

Greetings to Earl Dafydd and all from Aurora -

Here's a good example of how the message gets misplaced when you focus on only 
part of the communication.

I prefaced the remarks I made with "I have noticed" because I wanted everybody 
to know that this was a personal observation. LIttle clues like this add up to 
total communication. If qualifying statements no longer count, the only people 
who can speak are those who know everything. I'd have to be very, very, quiet. 
I will grant that I could have peppered the entire posting with 'usually', 
'apparently', etc type weasel-words to make it even more clear but then it 
would have been very irritating to read.

Dafydd is a Peer in every way; in the Danglies that he has around his neck -- 
which are there because more importantly, he is a Peer in the way he behaves -- 
on and off the field and in and out of the SCA. He knows far more than I do 
about how peers are selected. He is, in fact, one of my favorite Peers and one 
who I point out to my sons as a Person to Emulate. All I know is the 'common 
knowledge' that is based on what the 'common man' sees and hears.

I've been playing around in funny clothes for several  years now. Not a whole 
lot, only 5 or 6 compared to Dafydd's 72 Quadrillion-Zillion. In that time, I 
don't remember seeing or hearing of anyone receiving a Kingdom level service 
award who has not held a warranted job. It could have happened and I could have 
missed it. In fact, I now know that it has happened because Dafydd said so, but 
I have no knowledge of it, even from hearsay. I wouldn't count it as the norm, 
however, and wouldn't rely on it to recognize people who put lots of time, 
talent, and effort into something. If it were the norm, the misconceptions 
wouldn't be as prevalent because everybody would know of somebody who knew of 
somebody ... and those would be the stories that are told around the campfire. 

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