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Estrella A&S Information

Poster: Charlene Noto <charlenn@MICROSOFT.com>

I found a web page
containing the information about the A&S at Estrella War to be held
February 11-17, 1997.

For those of you without web access, the information is reprinted below
in this mail message.

"Estrella War XIII will be held at Estrella Mountain Park, Goodyear, AZ
on 11-17 February, 1997. This is just southwest of the Phoenix
metropolitan area, just south of I-10. The closest airport is Phoenix
Sky Harbor, and at this time we do NOT have a regular shuttle service
from the airport to the site. There is a group discount rate with the
Super Shuttle; call (602) 244-9000 and please mention you are with the
SCA. " http://www.estrellawar.com/gen_inf.htm

We are looking for instructors for classes at Estrella. If you are
interested in teaching a class, please contact Fiona Gwyllt Wynne (V.
Ramondino, 14650 N 36th Pl, Phoenix, AZ 85032 Ph. (602) 482-2767) 

We need instructors for every aspect of SCA interest. Classes should be
1 to 1 1/2 hours long, unless you are offering a "hands on" that takes
more time. 

When you contact Fiona, she will send you a sheet with more information.

The Arts and Sciences Competition is worth 3 War-points this year! These
are the categories:

Cartography: This category includes any map done in any medium that
would be appropriate to the period of SCA interest. Documentation should
include the date and place of cartographic style, what types of media,
materials and techniques were used. 

Glass: This category covers any glass work such as blown, cut, leaded or
stained glass as well as glass bead making. Pieces should be made using
period techniques and materials whenever possible.
Documentation should include a list of materials, tools and techniques
used to produce the piece. 

Armor: The category covers any completed pieces of armor, both
individual pieces as well as full suits, made from any materials
suitable to the period of SCA interest. Shields are included in this
category. Documentation should include the date and style of the piece
as well as the materials and techniques used. 


Aten Man
Estrella War Song
Banned From Estrella
Estrella VIII
Outlands Marches Off To War 
Atenveldtus Glorious
The Dream Song
Serious Steel
Come All You Loyal Lovers
The Ladies in the SCA 
Flower of the Desert
Father Was From Atenveldt
Roses Of Our Lady
Victory To Caid
Cold Beer 

There are usually several good Bardic Circles at War. Look around, ask

COMING SOON: Helen Jennett and the "Sheep To Shawl!"

For more information on Arts and Sciences at Estrella, contact
the Kingdom Mistress of Arts of Atenveldt,
Rowena of Avalon (PO Box 2256, Boise ID 83701)
or the Deputy for Arts and Sciences at Estrella, Isabel du Lac d'Azur,
at (602) 404-8375

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