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Re: Homage and Fealty

Poster: MHWag@aol.com

Ah ha! From Craig Levin's post, taken largely from Littleton, in swearing
homage the one doing the swearing kneels, places his hands between those of
the one being sworn to, and the oath reads much like one we would use in a
Knighting or a squiring ceremony.  In particular, I have heard things to the
effect of "I am your man..."  The King (in the case of a Knighting) or Knight
(in case of a squiring) responds with his oath in turn.   
So what we do in the SCA is closer to homage than fealty? 

Now, how do the differences between homage and fealty affect historical lines
of allegiance and other political problems?  i.e.: English & Welsh.

(I'm sworn fealty to Syr Forgal, in a ceremony more resembling the paying of
homage.  As I could be no one's "man", would you then call it "dammage?")

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