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Unto the Exchequers and Seneschals of Atlantia . . .

Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>

Unto the Exchequers and Seneschals of Atlantia,
Greetings from Lady Ursula von Bremen,
Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Well, it's Official.  The Kingdom now has a new Chancellor of the 
Master Donovan has passed the Happy Helmet on to Yours Truly.  I am
monumentally grateful to him for staying on as my Southern Regional 
and likewise to my Northern Regional Tag Team, Ito Nori and his lady wife 

Please note that our contact information has changed:  I have a new 
e-mail address
(since August) and my 800 number is no longer available for use.  Ito and 
have a new address.  Master Donovan can also be reached at work from 7AM 
4PM at (803) 650-6100, extension 18131.  Please keep calls to this number 
as brief 
as possible.  Master Donovan can also be reached by fax at (803) 527-1309 
the name Terry Martin. Master Donovan does not have e-mail, but Ito and 
will be online in the near future.

If your group is located in DC, MD or VA, you MUST send your quarterly 
and event 
financial reports to Ito and Thaney.  If your group is located in South 
Carolina or 
Border Vale Keep, you MUST send all quarterly and event financial reports 
Master Donovan.  If your group is located in North Carolina, send all of 
whatnot directly to me until further notice.  ALL warrant paperwork and 
bank signature
cards should go to me.  Any requests for information should go to your 
regional deputy, 
but if you can't reach them, any of the rest of us will be happy to help.

Let me apologize in advance for all of the you-musts and thou-shalts that 
but it's been awhile since the exchequers have been addressed in this 
so please indulge me by paying heed to the matters addressed herein.  To 

All group financial reports for the first and second quarters (Jan 1 - 
Mar 30 and 
Apr 1 - Jun 30) must be in the hands of your regional deputy NOW.  These 
include copies of your reconciled bank statements for the last month of 
each quarter.
Third quarter reports (Jul 1 - Sep 30) are due no later than October 31, 
(which, by the time
this is published in the Acorn would read NOW).

Event financial reports for ALL events your group has held through 
must be in the hands of your regional deputy by 10/31/96.  I had someone
insist to me that only Kingdom level event reports needed to be sent.  

According to Kingdom and Society Law, failure to report as scheduled in 
policy without PRIOR notice, or by the end of an extension, could get 
your branch suspended.  
That means all events removed from the kingdom calendar until the end of 
the reporting period following the date that the missing reports were 
made up.  Plus a public announcement in the Acorn.  
I kid you not.  Don't wait for things to get out of hand before 
contacting your regional deputy.

All quarterly reports AND your domesday (year-end tax report) must 
be submitted on the 1995 version of the SCA financial report form.  This 
for all Kingdoms, in fact.  These are the same forms that were sent to 
every group 
for their 1995 year-end reports.  You need copies of these forms, please 
your Regional Deputy immediately.  If you don't receive them within a 
week, ask
ON FILE AT ALL TIMES.  I'm writing this in big letters because several 
people to
whom I sent these same words along with a complete set of forms are STILL 
on the OLD old forms.  If the forms that you are using don't have 
"Revised - 9/95" printed
in the upper left corner in itty bitty letters, you are using the Wrong 
Forms.  Unfortunately
there isn't an online version of the report forms.  You may computerize 
your reports as
long as they are based on the 1995 format.

All groups must have a copy of the October 1995 version of the SCA, Inc. 
Chancellor of the 
Exchequer Officer's Handbook.  There have been discussions about 
releasing the manual
on the SCA Web pages, but nothang has come of that yet.  The quickest way 
for your group to obtain a copy is to send a check in the amount of 
$10.30 payable to The SCA Marketplace, P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA  
95036-0789.  Make sure that you tell them what the check is for.  (Don't 
laugh - it's happened.)

All SCA bank accounts must (as soon as is practical) be set up with one 
or both
of the following controls:

[1]	Set up the account to require 2 signatures on checks.

[2]	The unopened bank statements are sent for initial review to someone
	other than the exchequer who lives at a different address.

Attention North Carolinians:  Help!  I'm searching for someone to take 
over as
my Central Regional (NC) deputy.  My dream candidate will be:
	[1]	Reliable
	[2]	Well-organized
	[3]	Has reliable access to a computer and knows
		how to use a spreadsheet program.
	[4]	Has prior exchequer experience.
	[5]	Has e-mail and checks it at least once a week.

Even if you don't fit all the criteria, if you or someone you know is 
puh-leeze let me know.

I know that this is a lot to take in at one go, but as I said, it's been 
a long time, and
it's important stuff.  I hope to meet many of you at Unevent in Lochmere 
on December
7th.  The exchequers' meeting is scheduled for 3:00PM.

Please know that I am grateful for your consideration and for your 
service to 
your Kingdom.

In service I remain,

Done by my hand this 11th day of October A.S. XXXI, being 1996 Gregorian
at Castle Kappellenberg. 


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