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Re: Homage and Fealty

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Incidentally, with respect to the oaths taken by an esquire,
protege, or 'prentice, it seems to me that because one approaches
them, in the ceremony, with head uncovered, and occasionally on
one's knees, and, in most SCA courts, unarmed, that the ceremony
takes on the outward appearance, at least, of homage.

Now, I do not recall any evidence, save in the swearing of
homage or when one is brought before ones's lord as contumacious
(a violator of one's oath), that a person entering their lord's
court had to be divested of arms. To make a person do so, IMO,
when that person is neither swearing homage nor about to be
judged for malfeasance, seems to me to say that the lord does not
trust his sworn vassals-an unseemly thing.

Craig Levin
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