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Sir Black Kane O'Shannon - confirming

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996 21:13:22 -0400 (EDT) "David K. Bodman"
<dkbodman@nr.infi.net> writes:
>Poster: "David K. Bodman" <dkbodman@nr.infi.net>
>At 08:25 PM 10/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>Poster: Virtual Valkyries <valkyries@jagunet.com>
>>Dear Gentles,
>>I hate to propagate a scurrilous rumor, if it is that.  However, I 
>just got
>>a phone call in which I was told that Syr Black Kane O'Shannon and 
>>Muirgen were tragically killed this morning in a car accident.  Does 
>>out there know if this is true?  I don't know any details, if this is 
>>which I dearly hope it is not.
>>Victoria Fitzgerald
>I fear such rumor is true... I know not any details, I hope that 
>will be posting such very soon...I understand HRM Logan will be 
>details of a fund to help shortly...
>May the powers that be have mercy on their souls...

I have, unfortunately, been in contact with the Highway Patrol trooper
who filed the report.

I am very sorry to say that at 1:45 PM on 10/20/96 Kane and Muirgen were
traveling home from having visited with their daughter near Charleston,
SC.  They were driving west on I-26 when a car coming in the opposite
direction lost control and veered into their lane of travel, striking the
vehicle head-on.  I was informed by the trooper that both occupants had
their seatbelts on.  Both of them were transported to Lexington County
Hospital, with attempts to revive them (I assume both on the scene and in
the ambulance) all failed.  They were pronounced DOA at the hospital.  

I have been informed by HRM Logan that His Grace Duke Michael is handling
all funeral arrangements and that HRMs Logan and Arielle will be serving
as the central point for taking care of funeral expenses and the like.  

Funeral arrangements will be posted as they become available.

If the tone of this letter seems just a bit businesslike, believe me,
it's because inside I'm screaming denial.  

There is no more information available at this point; if you want any
more information, there really isn't any.  I'm truly sorry. 

Please do make sure the word gets out; please do also make sure that when
the word gets out, that there's somebody there who can deal with it when
everybody else gets a little crazy.

As I'm sure you can all guess, Their Majesties are going to be just a
little swamped for awhile.  Please, go easy on them and us - we'll be all
right, eventually.

Long Live The Dream,

Lord Jonathan Blackbow
Squire, Clan O'Shannon
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