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Re: Picto-Scottish Dog Wars - The Manuscript

Poster: Stephanie Malone Thorson <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

> A very nice story, but is there anyone out there who could (possibly) translate 
> it for me?  I'd love to have the time to try and do it myself but...  Well, we all 
> have our own sob stories.


I posted a modern language retelling (not strictly a translation) early
last week in response to Falcone's post about Pointless War.  I don't
think I still have a copy of that post, but someone else might.  I posted
this, the original version, in response to the interest of several
individuals in the Rose.  I am rabidly opposed to translating Middle
English and Middle Scots texts on the grounds that most of us rely too
heavily on translations, and while these two dialects may be a little
harder to read than modern English, it's worth the effort to try. This is
not meant to be a slam to you, good lady, but merely a statement of my
long-standing philosophy on the subject.  If you - or anyone else - have
specific questions or problems with the language, I will be glad to help
you out. I will offer a suggestion to those who might be having some
trouble - sound the words out.  That which looks funny on the page
frequently sounds much more familiar. 

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