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Re: Arrangements for Kane & Muirgen

Poster: Greg Prevost <gregp@ix.netcom.com>

Logan and Arielle wrote:

> Current arrangements for funeral services for Syr Kane & Mistress Muirgen
> are as follows:
>         Viewing Wednesday evening at the Copeland Funeral Home in
>         Charleston, South Carolina
>         Phone (803) 525-1111
>         Funeral Service Thursday at 11am at the Copeland Funeral Home
>         in Charleston, South Carolina
>         Phone (803) 525-1111

Ok, here is the very latest info.  I just talked with the funeral
directory and here are times, locations and directions.

First off, the Funeral Home and the Cemetary are NOT in Charleston. 
They are both in Beaufort, SC.  The viewing will be at Copeland Funeral
Home from 6-8pm Wednesday Oct, 23.  The directions are as follows.  Take
your best route to 95 south at exit 33.  This is highway 17/21.  Stay on
highway 21 until you get into Beaufort.  At the red light with a
Shoney's (this should be highway 170) take right onto 170.  Go almost
one mile and the Funeral Home should be on the left.

The Funeral will be Thursday Oct, 24th at 11am at the Beaufort National
Cemetary.  The directions are nearly the same but I will be complete for
safety's sake.  Take 95 south to exit 33, highway 17/21.  Stay on 21
until you get into Beaufort.  Continue on 21 PAST the 170 interchange,
about 2 miles.  You should pass a Holiday Inn and in about 3 blocks the
Cemetary should be on your left.  (It is about 5 to 6 traffic lights)

The Funeral will be mundane.

If you need any further info the Funeral Home's number is 803-525-1111

The Hotel of choice seems to be the Holiday Inn.  The phone number is
803-524-2144.  Doublerooms are $75  $67 with AAA.  I will have one there
under my name if anyone needs crash space.  Our household will provide
lodging for ANYONE who wants to come but feels they can't afford it. 
You will be taken care of.

Trying to stay busy, keeps my mind off reality....

Janos and Rachel

PS: If anyone has any questions or needs to reach me mundanely my home
number is 803-731-1363 or you can page me at 803-551-6556.
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