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MR: Kane & Muirgen

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

I must admit I did not know either Kane or Muirgen, being somewhat new to
the Kingdom and all.  However, I feel I have glimpsed into their lives a little
through all the remembrances posted here.  They sound like shining examples of
the best of the SCA.  I am sorry I will never make their acquaintance.  My
condolences to all who knew them.

Aedric the Green				IKA Fred Op
Canton of Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill		Raleigh, NC
House Howling Mouse				homan@nando.net

PS: As I was writing this, I received a phone call from a friend who related
her Kane story to me.  He sounds like he was a great chivalrous man, indeed.
She also told a short joke of Kane arguing with St Peter about whether the blow 
was light or not.  :-) Apologies to those who do not appreciate such humour, but
I found it made me feel better...
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