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In memory of Kane

Poster: Jane Justice Massey <jmassey@exis.net>

Kane will always hold a special place in my heart. Even though I have
not seen him in quite awhile this is a really hard thing for me to deal
with. He was such a gentle and kind man. One Pennsic I was at his camp
for a party and needed an escort home. Even though it was pouring cats
and dogs outside, he walked me to my camp. When I arrived I found my
tent had collapsed from the heavy rain. Since everyone was asleep, Kane
stayed and stood in the pouring rain holding my tent up while I found
ducttape. He did'nt seem to mind that it was very cold and wet. Kane
definitely earned the title of Knight. he was the most chivalrous man I
have ever known.

Jane Justice Massey
Lady Lavender Cassia de Morten.
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