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Stories about Kane

Poster: Laurie Kovaleski <NUDVLLK@GWGATE.BAS.NCSU.EDU>

As I read story after story I remember being around when some of them.
I would give all that I have if it would bring the two of them back
and new stories could be created...

Today I started to wonder if I had any business attending the services
for Syr Kane. Then
If I don't go, I would feel like that night at Pennsic XXV. I wanted
to go see Cold Iron while he was standing vigil for knighthood. I was
still to scared to go even after a Mistress & a Viscountess basically
ordered me to go. I bumped into Kane while I was getting my courage
together and asked for his opinion. Kane escorted me to the field
where the vigil was being held. Thank you again Syr Kane.

I have another memory but it's very silly & involves Kane, Cuan,
Coronation, chocolate moose shaped pops, Nia, & her favorite book

Brigid of Linnhe/China
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