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Re: kane stories

Poster: "Chuck Graves" <chuck_graves@mail.hq.faa.gov>

     My memories of Muirgen were a gracious, hard-working Lady. I remember 
     the times in the kitchen...and the time she kicked me out of the 
     kitchen to spend time with my wife. My most cherished memory is the 
     Masked Ball when she gave me the Queen's Order of Courtesy...and the 
     praise she gave me that evening--"he always tries to make everyone 
     feel at home wherever they are". Seems that's how I always remember 
     her, too.
     And Kane, the sheer joy of fighting...the sheer joy of living...
        The first time I gave him a six-pack of my imperial stout. [T]"Mind 
     you, this is stronger than the beer you normally drink." [K]"Sure, 
     Tadhg, no problem." [And the next day...] [K]"You weren't kidding 
     about that stuff, were you? Can I have some more...I'll drink it 
     slower next time." [T]"Silly young pup."
        The next time, I gave him a case (at his Coronation) with the 
     proviso that he needed to let it condition in the bottle until Crown 
     Tournament. You could definitely see the puppy in him when he realized 
     I was serious. My two-year-old can't pout like that.
        And midnight fighter practice at Galmr and Katie's first 
     Coronation. There was such fun...a two-cheek bruise (which my wife 
     chastised Kane for) to remind me why we don't fight in the dark...and 
     a phenomenal din which Aelfgar hasn't forgiven us for to this day (of 
     course, until now, he didn't I was the other half of us.)
        Of course, his penchant for demonstrating his close kinship with a 
     St. Bernard...a big hug followed by a slurp from chin to eyebrow. 
     (Luckily, I only observed that particular affection.)
        And always a smile with a twinkle in his eye...I hope someday I can 
     find that...
     No denial, here...I can close my eyes and see them plain as day...

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