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Re: Cartography...?

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> I am fairly new to the SCA, and I have seen Atlantia referred to, in
> addition to the full states, 'minus a part of Virgina, and plus a part of
> Georgia'.
> Well, I'm currently working on a map of Atlantia for my Canton's* website
> (and for our own reference), and I was wondering exactly what those little
> bits we do and don't have are -- all of the maps I've seen are of too low a
> resolution to show any discrepancies with the 'legal' maps of the area.

The area in and around Augusta GA is the "part of Georgia" which joined
Atlantia some time back.

More recently, the seven westernmost counties in Virginia (plus the cities
of Norton and Bristol) moved over to Meridies. The easiest way I can
describe that particular boundary is this: Find the point where Virginia,
Tennessee and North Carolina meet. Then find the point where Virginia,
West Virginia and Kentucky meet. Now draw a shallow zigzag line between
those two points.


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