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Poster: sharon hines <shines1@gville.mindspring.com>

        To all you fine Atlantia folks. My thoughts are with all of you.
Kane was one of the reasons I joined the SCA. You could not find a finer a
person to know. (and party with). I am loving the stories that are told
here. welll here is one of mine.
        It was a year and a half ago at the Make a Wish tourney. We only had
a couple of kids show up. It went very well then one of the young girls got
overheated which is easy outside in the heat with all the medicines they are
having to take. So after the child got cooled off she was in one of the
buildings which was a good ways from the fighting field. Well this just did
not do for Kane so he  had a touney right in front of the window where she
could see all the fighting. Each fighter would do their best bow to the girl
before they fought. Her mother said she had never seen her so happy. Don't
know who won (does not matter). What mattered was a little girl was Queen
for a day. That is one of the things I remember about Kane, his love for
children. he's probably got all those kids together and  is  going to crown
all those kids in grand style. 
        Well that's my story. Theres alot more to it but it's hard to tell
it all right now or you would be reading all night. Our canton is having a
good old fashioned Irish wake and tell good old fun Kane stories and
sacrfice a beer or two.
He would have wanted it that way.

        in service

         Astil Alyson of Sandilands in Falcon cree  
         (mka Chuck turner)


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