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Re: Funeral of Kane and Muirgen

Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>

    	As Duke Olaf said, the funeral today was indeed beautiful.  I cried
like a baby during Taps.  Duke Cuan sang "Born on the Listfield," and I
cannot this moment think of a more appropriate song for Kane.  Seeing
everyone today act as a family was touching in more ways than I can tell
you...a Lord I did not know approached me as I stood by myself off to the
side and gave me a big hug and a smile, saying "You looked like you could
use one." There were also two ladies present passing around Hershey's
Kisses, bestowing hugs and kisses to everyone...the capacity for
compassion that humans possess is truly amazing (you were an angel today,
Deirdre).  I'd like to thank these individuals for helping to make a
difficult time more bearable.  Though I was unable to be there for the
viewing, I'm told that Kane and Muirgen were buried in their garb.  Kane
was buried with a sword, his tabard, his white belt, chain, and spurs
(which was a relief to me, as I cannot imagine him without them).  They
were buried together in the shade of a big tree, (and I'm told) surrounded
by children.  Many of Kane and Muirgen's friends were present, some crying
and some laughing as they shared Mongo and Muirgen stories.  There was
much love, and flowers everywhere.  Janos, in an effort to dry my tears,
said to me that Kane was not there with us at the graveyard, but at the
party eating all the food!  Thank you, Janos, for making me laugh...you
helped keep a sad person sane today.  When I arrived at the get-together
after the funeral, the buffet table looked as though Kane had indeed
breezed through it!  Still, when I first arrived and saw all the SCAdians,
I found myself looking for Kane before I realized that I would not see
him...it will take a while to get used to it, as a party was never a party
or an event an event without Kane's big grin and laugh.  I will miss you,
my friend...
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