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Re: Funeral of Kane and Muirgen

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996 19:55:41 -0400, you wrote:

The funeral really was touching. Gabriella wasn't the only one who
cried during Taps. There was a strange meditative quality to the
military ritual that helped me see off a fallen comrade.

After the pall bearers had placed the casket at graveside, the
professional crew was supposed to take over. 4 of them started to lift
Kane. A light ripple of laughter moved through the crowd as they
accepted our offer to help.

We did have a small wake Friday night. The lounge at the Holiday Inn
was overrun (one fellow had come in to watch the game, the other 50 or
so were SCA). The bartender sold out of vodka, gin, tequila, and Jack.
We sang and told stories and laughed and cried until late.

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