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Kane & Muirgan's viewing & funeral

Poster: LORNABAKER@aol.com

 For those of you who were not be at the viewing and the funeral, I'll
attempt to describe it as best I can.
 Kane & Muirgan were in adjoining rooms. Kane was in a handsome black tunic,
a real great sword ( as opposed to a rattan one) in the coffin with him. A
ring and a flower on his chest along with a choccolate chip cookie  sent by
Duches Seonaid. His shield and helmet lay on the floor. All I can remember
for Muirgan was her lady of the rose pendant. Both rooms were filled with
wreaths of flowers.
  At one point we were invited as a group to attend the viewing rooms. A
military chaplain gave a prayer and read a psalm, then opened the forum for
first the family and then the friends to speak.
  Tracy, Muirgan's daughter, spoke mostly of how Kane had encouraged her to
succeed. Whenever she felt she couldn't, he assured her that she could. She
said that at first she didn't think that Kane was right for her mom, but she
soon changed her mind. She always referred to him as her "Dad".
  Muirgan's sister enlightened us of her sister tickling her 'til she cried
and told her if she told "MOM" Muirgan would do it again. Such is sibling
  Janos spoke of what he (Janos) was two years ago and how different he is
now. He has Kane to thank for the difference. What a caring and loving man he
  Finn spoke of how Kane took him to his first strip joint, his first drink,
and probably his first girl.
  I spoke of how I didn't know how Muirgan knew how much I cared about
Adelicia and how honered I was to be asked to make her Pelican cloak. Of
being in their home and having Muirgan preparing breakfast (most knodded in
agreement) either pancakes or French toast and not asking if you wanted any,
just handing you a plate full and expecting you to eat it. Of being around a
campfire in the wee hours of the morning and either Julitta or I coming out
with keobasa and black olives to share. I never saw Kane turn down food. I
now remember Muirgan telling us of a time when she offered to go to a fast
food place and Kane telling her to get FIFTEEN hamburgers.She said OK. He
then told her to find out what everyone else wanted. He proceeded to eat all
fifteen burgers.
  Douglas telling how Kane in his generosity cooked up steaks and hot dogs
and served to all who could smell breakfast and Muirgan coming out and
informing Kane that that was supposed to be lunch.
  There may have been more who spoke, but I was lost in my own memories and
grief. I had wanted to give Kane a cowlick as is his trademark, but felt I
would disturb what the funeral home had done, so I appeased myself with a
kiss on his forehead.
  We adjourned to the hotel lounge, where we told stories, Cuan sang favorite
songs of Kane & Muigan. We all attempted to console each other. Needless to
say, we clossed the place.
  We gathered at the cemetary the next morning. There were many more than the
night before. Everyone hugged everyone. I think we all felt so lost.
  When it came time for the military guard to fold the flag, it seemed
embarable. Each motion was an eternity. I can't imagine anyone who could have
withstood this without loosing it.
  Kane & Muirgan were then moved to the gravesite where people were allowed
to take shovels or handfulls of dirt and put in the gravesite. Cuan, bless
his heart, (I know how hard this was for him) was again able to break into
song. We all joined in as we could. BTW they were interred in the same plot.
Kane beneath and Muirgan above.
  We were then invited to the military base nearby for food and time to
attempt to recover. I feel the military did a fine job in honoring one of
their own. We are left to mourn the loss

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