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Re: tartan

Poster: MBoals@aol.com

    From Breyheres Olwen of Marinus, greetings.  Regarding the tartan, there
are a few options available.  One is to contact any of the Scottish import
stores--there's one in Williamsburg, VA, or Richardsons in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, or you could try the Scottish clan societies or the Monarchist
League.  Possibly copies of a magazine called "British Heritage" would be
able to help you.  Or there are registered weavers in Scotland who weave the
official clan tartans.  Of course, all you need in order to make a tartan
official is to have one of the official weavers weave a bolt of it, and you
have to buy that bolt.  I'm not sure how to get in touch with them, but I
hope that this has helped you a little bit.
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