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QUERY: SCA video?

Poster: Cheryl Martin <zofran@deepthot.cary.nc.us>

Lady Nia received the following email and would like to know if anyone 
has heard of this company.  Has anyone else received anything similar? 
She is concerned about the reputation, legitimacy, so forth about the 
company.  She doesn't want to offer any info until she is certain.  She 
may have received the mail because of her position as seneschal of 
Windmasters(wide-spread availability of her name and email address for 
contact purposes).   Another friend has tried the webpage and found it to 
be poorly done.  What that means, I'm not sure.   Please, if you have any 
information or suggestions for obtaining info let me know and I will pass 
it on.

>Date: 10/26/96 6:20 PM
>From: Michael Marriott
>Dear Ms. Stephania Herring,
>My name is Marc Marriott, I represent a video production company that is
>intrested in producing a video covering SCA events such as armed
>combat/melees, tournaments, festivals etc.  In order for this project to
>be economically feasable to us, and yet be affordable to your members,
>would you assist us in ascertaining your memership strength and any
>intrest by you or any members of your organization.
>If you have any questions, please visit our website at
>Thank you for your time and consideration,
>Marc Marriott
>Director Operations and Production
>Marriott Video Productions

In Service,

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