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Re: hello..heloo..helloo..is this on??on?? on?? -Reply

Poster: Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com>

mylord  luther
i am very flattered that you are so taken with my daughter...brideprice to
be discussed later. (had a couple of offers on the atlantian mailing list
you know.) let us see you mean the nubile thing about 5'3",,,hair NEVER
bound and wearing at different stages a white tunic wityh little heraldic
thingies on it and a black sidless surcoat or a blue tunic with the sun the
moon and the stars on it...or (when i could finally wrestle her into WARM
things...)a red wool cothardie and a black sidless surcoat..yup thats my
girl..and..(sit down honey....hate to break this to ya) she just
turned..(drum roll please) 10 sept 26. i am taking applications for the all 
eunuch guard even as we speak!
about the  video..
thank you so much for pursuing the contac. my  net adress changed
suddenly and it took 2 days of my not recieving mail for me to figure out
what had happened and WHAT my new  adress actually was. i will mail
you a check next monday a;ong with an order for a tape...besides
always having wanted one..it has special meaning for me even though i
know it wont be on the tape...im the felled ox  in red who got pearled by
atlantia... the one wh sat there and tried not to come into court because i
just KNEW what ever they were calling me for it was a payback for one
fo the practical jokes my barony (pnte alto ) is so famous for pulling...
oh well..i will send my check next monday when i get paid...
thank you again..and stay in touch please... even though you are not on 
the list anymore..or at least were planning to leave...i do enjoy your
stories and humor they do make the day go faster...
yours in service to the dream
(even though we ARE in service to different crowns)
maira beatriz la mora
ponte alto
(bambi smith-beattie)
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