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Re: Disc: Philosopher's Stone

Poster: "Scott Dean" <nacspsd@acs2.acs.ncsu.edu>

> The simpler approach would be to change the currency base to another substance
> This still would have almost disasterous destabilizing effect.  Imagine the typical person who is informed that the bag of gold that he/she has is worthless .

But if the gold is "worthless" then you would not be carrying it as 
currency.  So then there would be no reason to use the process 
(unless you wanted gold instead of lead or vise versa for reasons 
other than its "monetary value") so then the value of gold not be 
unstable (i would think that it would be about equal to that of 
lead).  So one _could_ move to a gold/lead standard where gold 
ecomes "yellow" lead (or lead becomes "grey" gold).  

So what would happen to all those items that are alloys of gold?

-- Manus MacDhai
   Kappellenberg/Windmasters' Hill

   Scott Dean
   NC State University
   Raleigh, NC  
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