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Re: Dominion of Myrkfaelinn? (was: Re: New Kingdon???)

Poster: KatieMorag@aol.com

Good Gentle - 
The Dominion of Myrkfaelinn is technically not part of the East Kingdom.  It
is part only for administrative purposes.  When they wrote up their charter
they were irritated with the BOD who (so I am old) had been rather nasty to
them, so they wrote it in Old Norse (This group was founded by the Iclandic
studies group at Cornell University in Ithaca NY), and in the Charter they
promised to swear fealty to Osric, King of the East.  Once Osric stepped down
from the throne, they no longer had to swear fealty.  I believe that if Osric
became King in any other kinbdom they would swear fealty to him, and then be
part of Caid or wherever for the duration of his reign.  This is the reason
that the legal version on all new group charters must be in modern English.
 The BOD doesn't want any repeats.  
Lady Philippa Grey 

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