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Too wlonk for OED

Poster: John Strauss <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Wynn Klosky wrote:

> However much I'd like to use wlonk in my everyday SCAdian vocab,
> there are some uses in which it will NOT surpass spiffy for proper
> rhythm and just-so-ness, FI, "Too wlonk for my hat.." Somehow
> leaves ya wanting, eh, Henry? ;^)

Gee. I sure do miss you. When are you going to be up this way next?

Hmmm. Wlonk won't scan; but maybe w'lonk would. Wlonk seems to imply a 
vowel between the W and L. Otherwise, how would you even pronounce the 
darn thing?

Hmmm. Turn the page after "wlonk" and the next page's first entry is 

Wynn, if anyone in the world is "too wlonkful for their hat", it's you.


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