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Demotion (was Crown Results)

Poster: CORVUS2@aol.com

On the subject of being misplaced in a procession based upon

It is the responsibility of the Crown/Baron/ess to foward to the
Clerk of Precedence, a list of awards/orders given during their
court.  It is the responsibility of the court herald, within two weeks
of heralding a court, to forward to the Crown/Baron/ess, a report
outlining what occurred during court in the exact order it happened,
so that they may make their report to the Clerk of Precedence. 
(And yes, our Clerk has been tracking baronial awards for some
time now.)

If either does not perform their duties, your award/order may not
be registered in the Order of Precedence.  Other mishaps may occur
as well.  For example, either the herald or the monarch may lose
their court notes on the way home (oh boy, is THAT easy to do; kinda like
leaving your mug behind...) or an award could get skipped in the
transcription, etc.  This is why lists are posted in the _Acorn_ of what was
given out during the
reign, so you can check to make sure your award shows up.  It is
also possible to check with the Clerk, Triton's office, or your Baron/ess to
see if your
awards got registered.

If someone moves in from another kingdom, it is their responsibility
to advise the Clerk of Precedence of the awards/orders they
received in the other kingdom.  All warranted heralds will be
receiving next month in the herald's newsletter, a form for reporting
awards and orders to the Clerk of Precedence.  If you have items
that need reporting, please see your local herald or the Clerk of

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Rhiannon, Nereid

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