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Re: Demotion (was Crown Results)

Poster: roz@meridies.org (C S Walsh)

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996 06:48:26 -0800, Rhiannon, Nereid and 
Rebecca the Contrary wrote: (I'm not sure who wrote what)

>If someone moves in from another kingdom, it is their responsibility
>to advise the Clerk of Precedence of the awards/orders they
>received in the other kingdom. 
This makes sense.

>Well, almost..  Along these lines of discussion.  If you move it is also generally assumed that
>your scroll backlog moves with you.  If you have scrolls not completed, and are about to move
>to another kingdom it's considered a kindness to warn your previous and future Clerk of Signet
>of said move.  This way, any scrolls not done can then be assigned to your new kingdom.  
>(Some kingdoms don't manage backlog this way but most do.)   A card with the scrolls you've 
>not yet received,and your future address along with the notification that you are moving, would
>be ideal.  Hope that made sense!
I am afraid this makes no sense to me.  If I am due, say an Order of
the Bough  and an Order of the Velvet Owl (Kingdom level service and
A+S awards of Meridies), scrolls, and I move to Atlantia, you folks
are going to do the scrolls for me?

That's impressive.  I personally wouldn't expect that.

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