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Re: MR: Wlonk

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Alfredo wrote:
> Baron Corun MacAnndra replied to Lord Philip:
> > This is a very good question. I suppose it depends entirely on the language
> > you're speaking. You see, in German, w is pronounced like v, but in Welsh,
> > it's pronounced like oo (the name for the Welsh god of the underworld,
> > Annwn, is pronounced Annoon). Thus, the word wlonk, if spoken by a Welshman
> > might sound like oolonk, while a German might pronounce it vlonk.
> Technically, you'd have to say, "In German, there is a letter that _looks_
> a lot like the English letter 'w', but is pronounced like 'v'". (I think
> it's called "vow". (In German, the abbreviation for "Volkswagen" actually
> has _fewer_ syllables than the original word!))

Technically yes, but we are talking about language here, and language
is written as well as spoken, thus w is double-yew to English speakers,
and V to German speakers. Same written letter, different spoken sound.

> His Excellency went on to ask:
> > So, good Alfredo, just what language is wlonk (or did I miss that in the
> > first post)?
> It's English; I found it in the Oxford English Dictionary.

That's certainly a start. Now, is it Old, Middle or contemporary English?
There is a difference in pronunciation in all three as well as Old having
additional letters like yogh, ash and thorn. For an example, I refer you
to the excellent transcription of the work of Friar Adam Abel, which is
in Middle Scots English, that was recently posted here by Lady Alianora
Munro at the request of several of the patrons of the Merry Rose (and from
whom she never heard again after posting it and so doesn't know if those who
requested it actually saw it. A simple and courteous word of thanks might
be in order folks.).

In service,

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