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Re: Name Changes and AoA's

Poster: William Morris <william.morris@sc.edu>

>All this discussion makes one think about the awesome responsibility of
>keeping track of individuals in the SCA.
>Even HRH Cuan was said to remark before court, "He doesn't have one yet?" in
>regards to one of those receiving an Award of Arms at Crown Tourney.
>The same has been true for many others as well, I am sure.

>Do we start to believe that Atlantia and the SCA are becoming too large and
>populated to recognize those who deserve it?  

Again, recognition is in the hands of those who know of someone deserving 
recognition.  If the crowns do not hear from friends and acquaintances, 
they do not know to give an award.

That being said for the hundredth time in this tavern, we move to the 
question of actually getting the scroll for an award.  This takes time as 
we (Atlantia) produce the scrolls by hand and a number of individuals 
receive awards almost every event.  Help in Scriptorium doing calligraphy 
or illumination is greatly appreciated and NEEDED.

Reducing the backlog helps to organize the new award requests coming in.  
Now on to the next. 

>Is it even a matter of size or
>is it more the arduous task of organization or the "nature of the beast?"

Nothing is too large to keep track of.  This is the simple and accurate 
answer.  It becomes more difficult when you start asking volunteers to 
keep track of huge backlogs from our own and other kingdoms.  Again, much 
of the difficulty would be eliminated (IMHO) if we could reduce or 
eliminate backlog through consistent and regular scriptoriums.

>I'm curious as to people's opinions.

Well, there's mine, (and probably more than you wanted).

In Service to Land and Law,

Lord Liam a'Welwyn, Seneschal
Canton of Cyddlain Downs
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