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RE: Name Changes and AoA's

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

I wrote:
>> Atlantia is one of the smaller Kingdoms (at least
>> geographically) believe it or not.  It is incredible how difficult it is 
>> the Royalty to travel across even our Kingdom.

I should have put a lot more smileys behind that.  Yes, I am aware
that other Kingdoms are so large that some groups never see
the Crowns.  My point was that it sure seems like Atlantian Royalty
(in general) has trouble travelling around in as small a Kingdom as
we have.

Scripsit Lord Leifr:
>I love to listen to the laughter of an Adenveldter who hears these kinds
>of words.  There are people who have had to travel the distance from
>Augusta Georgia to Baltimore Maryland just to get from one group to
>another.  I think that distances are really physcological, and can best
>be counted in the number of groups you pass over to get to an event.  I
>went to Crown, I had to pass through Caer Mear, Berley Court, and at
>least one of Windmaster's Hills cantons to get to Fortaleza.  Earl
>Dafydd, one of the other Northerners at Crown, would have added Ponte
>Alto and Stierbach to that list.  Count Thorbrandr would have added
>Storvik to Earl Dafydd's list, or would have cut across a bridge from
>Dun Carraig, through northern Tir-y-Don, and then into Caer Mear.

I think I brought this issue up on the Rialto over a year ago.  Crossing
a state line or even a river or mountain seems to set up all sorts of
barriers in a person's mind.  I'm about 2-3 hours from South Downs,
yet I have never gone to an event there.  Why?  It's in another
Kingdom....  See, no real reason why I shouldn't go.

In service,

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