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Re: Smoking on the field

Poster: Virtual Valkyries <valkyries@jagunet.com>

At 11:55 AM 11/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Ed Hopkins)
>Speaking (as is his wont) in square brackets, on the subject
>of smoking, Lord Jonathan Blackbow said, in part:
>> [... you can do four things about it -
>> 1) gripe and groan to anyone who will listen, EXCEPT the person
>>      involved, (IMO, the worst choice)
>> 2) decide that the offense isn't serious enough for you to have
>>      the guts/moxie/whatever to confront the person, in which case
>>      you really should just shut up,
>> 3) make yourself a nuisance in your attempts to correct it, or
>> 4) politely mention it to the person involved, request that the
>>      situation be corrected, and then chase it as far up the
>>      ladder as you need to.
>> ...]

I've listened to this discussion for a while now, and have found one thing
that is lacking.  If we were talking about someone's plastic armor or
offensive bodily noises, then this discussion might be appropriate.
However, I feel that smoking around people that did not ask to be smoked
around is far more serious an offense.  Second hand smoke causes cancer and
contributes to other helath problems.  Got a problem with that statement?
Take it up with the Surgeon General.  I am not a doctor nor do I play one on
TV.  And nor (for the most part) does anyone on this list.  I have no
problem with people smoking.  As long as they are not in a central area that
is easily avoided.  What people do with their lungs is their own problem,
but don't make it mine.  I _will_ go up and ask people to put out their
cigarette, but I resent having to do so.  I should not have to ask someone
to not endanger my health.  And no, I'm not overeacting here.  The State of
Maryland considers this issue important enough that there is an enforced law
banning smoking from public buildings.  

It has been mentioned that talking about this on this list is nonproductive.
I beg to differ. Since we have already had one person say that this is the
first he'd heard of it, this discussion has already served some purpose.

Victoria Fitzgerald
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