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Re: Smoking on the field

Poster: ThatPurpleChick <jmassey@exis.net>

Regarding the smoking issue..

I am a smoker and I consider myself very courteous to others who are
non-smokers. I do not leave my butts on the ground. I also disapprove of
smoking in the main event area. I usually go to the parking lot or far
enough away so that I do not offend anyone. But I feel that things have
gotten a bit out of hand. This all comes down to Non-smoking Nazis vs a
few number of rude smokers who (pardon my french) don't give a crap
about kingdom law. But then who is going to enforce the law? Do we have
to have a Smoking police? We can talk about this subject until and never
come to an agreement. The only thing they can be done is to let people
self-police themselves and if someone is smoking on the main tournament
field, just remind them about the kingdom law and ask them to leave the
main area or put it out (and not leave their trash behind). Some people
may take offense but most smokers would say ok and understand. It is
only a small percentage who would refuse and continue to puff away.

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