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Hello? New person here

Poster: kaleidoscope_eyes@juno.com (Elissa L Ernst)

<<A lone wanderer strolls into the Tavern.  She looks around curiously;
she is <<obviously quite new here.  She's been reading the lists for a
few days and has <<decided to respond.  First of all, her opinion on the
escorting thread is that, heck, <<women don't need to be escorted, we can
escort ourselves if we please!  :)  She <<orders a mug o' cider and asks
by the bye if there's anyone here from the <<Guardians of the Sacred
Stone who she can meet.

The name's Adwynn of Cymru, and I'm new to all this.  However I've been
doing my homework, and I'm working on a persona (13th c. Welsh) and
already have some garb from past RenFests.  I'm a high school senior in
the vicinity of what's mundanely known as Charlotte NC, and would like to
find other SCAdians nearby to show me the ropes.  I'll be attending the
Winter Feast, if anyone has any info on that.  Be there anyone in the
area?  I'll be waiting to hear from you.     

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