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Re: Fencing ban in Meridies

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

The most famous example of a penetrated mask is the German/Russian
match in the World Championships in '80 (I think). The mask had passed
inspection. Soon after, the FIE standards were raised. Atlantia is
both conservative in Her rules and seeking to improve them to prevent
any mishaps. The Trimarian Incident that supossedly influenced HRM
Garth would not have occurred here if our rules were followed.

Atlantian fencers are currently required to use an FIE approved mask
(it passes the 12kg punch test) OR a mask that WILL pass. If someone
showed up with something new and different, the marshal would properly
disallow it until it could be tested. BUT....punches cost $60.00 each,
and if improperly used can destroy a perfectly good mask. There WILL
be a class at University that will include instruction on using a
punch tester (I'm finally going to retire my old mask, and we'll test
it, along with any other willing souls'). Masks that are rusty,
dented, with spread mesh, etc, are routinely questioned, and
occassionally failed.

Meridies is Meridies, and they never did welcome fencing as graciously
or resoundingly as did Atlantia (Thanks to the Heavens for enlightened
(and in many cases, authorized) Monarchs and encouraging compatriots!
We can only lament the decision of our Southern neighbors. Not too
long ago there were fewer than 50 Atlantian fencers; i think that most
of the Kingdom would feel a sudden lack if fencing were to now go
away. I am, of course, a mite prejudiced.

Phillip (I fence a little) Bell

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