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Re: Smoking on the field (fwd)

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

>Does this make Kingdom Law a matter of details that should not be bothered
>with?  If public smoking is prohibited, then it is prohibited.  None should
>have to pretend a cigarette is a barely-period pipe anymore than I should
>have to pretend that a microphone is a magic device to make court audible
>in the rear (If we're going to let in mundane things into main public areas,
>let's at least have useful ones!  :-)).  Really, I think we should either
>start publicising and enforcing the Law or remove the Law from the books
>at Curia.

"12.1.2 Smoking is forbidden in the central area of a Society event.
The central area of an event is defined as any area where people must
be present in order to
participate in the event, such as the hall where a feast is taking
place, or the lists and the area surrounding them during a tournament.
The autocrat shall define the
boundaries of the central area and the autocrat shall, if possible,
provide some other area as convenient as may be found where smoking is
permitted and made safe
and practicable. Smoking is permitted in the interior of pavilion/home
only with the express permission of the owner of the pavilion/home."

So Sayeth the Law of Atlantia.

Phillip (field stripper) Bell

Shall I make a motion to TRM to delete this law? I believe that it
serves a useful purpose, for I have met several people who are
terribly affected by smoke. Not who don't like it, but who suffer true
physical distress. I'd prefer to see us all try to be more
considerate. If you see someone being inconsiderate, then, simply say
to them gently and politely that they may be annoying another. If they
receive this news boorishly or poorly, then they are sauvage. 

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