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Re: Smoking on the field (fwd)

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

>"12.1.2 Smoking is forbidden in the central area of a Society event.
>The central area of an event is defined as any area where people must
>be present in order to
>participate in the event, such as the hall where a feast is taking
>place, or the lists and the area surrounding them during a tournament.
>The autocrat shall define the
>boundaries of the central area and the autocrat shall, if possible,
>provide some other area as convenient as may be found where smoking is
>permitted and made safe
>and practicable. Smoking is permitted in the interior of pavilion/home
>only with the express permission of the owner of the pavilion/home."
>So Sayeth the Law of Atlantia.
>Phillip (field stripper) Bell
>Shall I make a motion to TRM to delete this law? I believe that it
>serves a useful purpose, for I have met several people who are
>terribly affected by smoke. Not who don't like it, but who suffer true
>physical distress. I'd prefer to see us all try to be more
>considerate. If you see someone being inconsiderate, then, simply say
>to them gently and politely that they may be annoying another. If they
>receive this news boorishly or poorly, then they are sauvage.=20
NB:  I am not advocating any breaking of kingdom, Society, or mundane law
by my defense of His Grace; nor do I condone any of same. I simply wish
people would confront other people directly.  Simple enough to do, and
yet, so very difficult.

Lord Jonathan Blackbow
House O'Shannon
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