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Re: Heraldry Question???

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Ciaran wrote:
>        I need to know if, heraldically speaking, is there a difference
>between a 'celtic cross' and a 'cross'. As in would a celtic cross be
>considered a point of difference, from say heraldry that contained a latin
>cross. Is the type of cross able to be considered a point of difference??
>Thanks in advance...

I'm not a Herald (and I don't play one on TV), but I recently went through a
discussion with Triton over registering a faering (that's a small Viking
boat) as a badge for Storvik's Order of the Faering (it's for the children
of Storvik, hence the use of a small boat), and was told that, heradically
speaking, a boat is a boat is a boat, and therefore there is no point of
differnce, only artistic license. I would suspect that the same is true for
crosses, though now I think on it, there is a difference between a Cross
Botany (or however that's spelled, look at Dun Carraig's arms, those are
crosses botany) and a Cross of Calatreva distinct enough that they are
mentioned thusly when describing the arms. But I don't know if this implies
a point of difference as the Heralds measure it.

In service,

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