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RE: Bagpipe Commonality

Poster: T Randall <randallt@skycell.com>

Dafydd uge-ber:

>>I'm not sure when bagpipes disappeared from most of Europe except
>>Scotland, but it was long after the end of period.  Robyyan would know
>>better, if he's listening.  Regardless, I doubt that bagpipes were
>>regarded as solely military instruments until after they had been
>>abandoned by civilians, which was out of period.

Actually, they haven't really disappeared from Europe that much.  

While there's the most recognized Scottish Highland pipes (the ones with 3 drones) There are tons out there that are still played.  The bladder pipe, which dates back to our period of study (not to clear on exact dates, I have three sources that differ by 100-200 years each.) is a simple form of bagpipe that I last saw being sold as a plastic child's toy in Catania.

Today, bagpipes are still being built and played in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, and Greece.  Additionally, they're still being played in India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Tunisia.


Boroghul Khara

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