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re: Bagpipe Commonality

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

Henry wrote:

>[snippus maximus]

>> When _SHOULD_ we disarm? Well, how about when acting as embassadors to
>> foreign crowns? I know that if the Atlantian crown sent me with a message 

>> to a Trimaris court just before Sea Wars, for instance, I would make a
>> point of disarming and handing my weapon to the guards before entering
>> the presence. That would make it clear to the audience that I am a
>> representative of the Hated Enemy, increasing everyone's appreciation of
>> the show.

You may want to remove your gloves and gauntlets too.  If you accidentally
dropped one in Court, there'd be War!!!

In service,

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