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Re: MR: bagpipes, AOAs, etc.

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

Scripsit Alfredo:
>>When an Award of Arms scroll says the recipient now has
>>"the right to bear arms", it is NOT referring to weapons,
>>but rather to a particular heraldic coat of arms, which

Lord Jonathan Blackbow responds:

>Alfredo - the above is not correct.  The custom is usually fairly well
>adhered to that people w/o AoA's are not permitted to bear arms into the
>presence of TRM's or TRH's.  Adhered to in court, anyway.

>Actually, it isn't referring to the ability to display a particular set
>of arms, either - many people that get AoA's don't have registered arms.
>The College of Heralds passes it, you can display it, whether you have an
>AoA or not.

Jonathan, stop that.  If you bothered to read the text of
an AoA scroll, you would know that it specifically states
that "X has the right to bear Arms, to wit:  <blazon>,
without let or hinderance" PERIOD.  In the case of an AoA
the heraldic device is the Arms that are referred to.
If the scroll meant that you could bring a sword into
court, it would say "X has the right to bear Arms,
to wit:  <list of weapons>".  No mention of weapons
anywhere....  Alfredo, you ARE correct.

Now comes the tricky part.  Part of the "rights and
privileges" that get conferred with an AoA are the
right to be called Lord/Lady, and by CUSTOM, most
Kingdoms allow you to bear(but not bare) weapons in
the Presence (TRM, TRH, & Landed Baronage).  These
are not specifically asserted in the text of an AoA,
but are generally accepted as true.  So, Jonathan,
you are correct about what the AoA implicitly
confers, but your other statements don't hold up.

Now to address your assertion about the College of Arms
(the College of Heralds refers to a Kingdom's set of
heraldic officers) passing arms and allowing you to
display them.  Yes--you may display your arms once
they have passed, and you can even display them while
they are being processed.  However, it is considered
poor taste by some to display your Arms before
receiving your AoA.  There is no law (to my
knowledge) that prohibits display of Arms.  I
think there are some households that follow the
custom that you shouldn't display Arms unless you
have received an AoA.

I will not be drawn into the who can display what
debate again.

In service,
Lord Eldred AElfwald
Gordian Knot Pursuivant

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