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Re: MR: bagpipes, AOAs, etc.

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

>Jonathan, stop that.  If you bothered to read the text of
>an AoA scroll, you would know that it specifically states
>that "X has the right to bear Arms, to wit:  <blazon>,
>without let or hinderance" PERIOD.  In the case of an AoA
>the heraldic device is the Arms that are referred to.
>If the scroll meant that you could bring a sword into
>court, it would say "X has the right to bear Arms,
>to wit:  <list of weapons>".  No mention of weapons
>anywhere....  Alfredo, you ARE correct.

OK, so why would anybody register and display a coat of arms if they
don't have an AoA?  It happens all the time.

>Now comes the tricky part.  Part of the "rights and
>privileges" that get conferred with an AoA are the
>right to be called Lord/Lady, and by CUSTOM, most
>Kingdoms allow you to bear(but not bare) weapons in
>the Presence (TRM, TRH, & Landed Baronage).  These
>are not specifically asserted in the text of an AoA,
>but are generally accepted as true.  So, Jonathan,
>you are correct about what the AoA implicitly
>confers, but your other statements don't hold up.

True - it's more of a custom than an actually written down law, at least
as much as I bother to eat the law books...excuse me, READ the law
But it still holds.  No AoA - no weapons, if the Crown wants to enforce

>Now to address your assertion about the College of Arms
>(the College of Heralds refers to a Kingdom's set of
>heraldic officers) passing arms and allowing you to
>display them.  Yes--you may display your arms once
>they have passed, and you can even display them while
>they are being processed.  However, it is considered
>poor taste by some to display your Arms before
>receiving your AoA.  There is no law (to my
>knowledge) that prohibits display of Arms.  I
>think there are some households that follow the
>custom that you shouldn't display Arms unless you
>have received an AoA.

Poor taste?  To display before you have an AoA?

Holy smoke...what would people wear?

General opinion question - is it considered poor taste to display arms
before being granted an AoA??  I've NEVER heard that one.

>I will not be drawn into the who can display what
>debate again.

Ignorance poking out - what debate would that be?  Reply privately...I
don't want to start it either.
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