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Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H Clarke)

Poster: stephancm@juno.com

I have noticed that if a person does not have an AoA, disarming before
coming into the presence of the Monarchs causes some people to think
"Doesn"t this person have an AoA".  I rember one event where this exact
thing happened.  I happened to hear the comment by His Majesty and he
asked the person if he had his AoA.  His responce was "no".  Which
subsequently lead to his receiving a well deserved, if a little late
AoA.  Everyone thought he had an AoA.

Therefore, I think it may be beneficial for those without their AoA, who
are called into court, to disarm.  Personally, I agree with Aedon.  It
can get confusing.

Stephan of Caer Mear
Citizen of Atlantia
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