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The Rolls Ethereal Get Screwed Up Again

Poster: James and Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

>From the Eastrealm mailing list, for your information:

>-Poster: Mark Waks <justin@inmet.com>
>It looks like, sometime around last Friday, our machine overfilled again,
>and the Rolls crashed once more, wrecking the database again.
>Fortunately, things aren't *quite* so bad this time. I have a backup
>from October 3rd. I've restored to that, and I've merged in the changes
>that have been made *since* the data loss, so all entries prior to the
>3rd of October, or since last Friday, should be okay. But we've still
>lost about four weeks of data, unfortunately.
>I'm clearly going to have to get into the habit of backing this sucker
>up myself on a regular basis -- that disk partition isn't backed up by
>our systems folks. And at *some* point, I'll hopefully have time to fix
>the underlying problem. (Can anyone give me a quick pointer on how to
>detect a disk-full condition when writing out files in Perl?) But for
>now, I'm afraid that some (by no means all) folks will have to redo
>their entries. Check yours (hundreds are there and okay), and edit or
>re-add it if it's gone...
>That URL, again, is:
>	http://www.inmet.com/~justin/rolls.html
>				-- Justin
>				   Who desperately needs the time to redo this
>				     as a *real* database...
>Random Quote du Jour:
>"Gefilte fish has a distinctive bouquet that real experts refer
> to as "nauseating."  I think most people eat it as a reminder of the
> adversity Jews have faced throughout history."
>		-- Mark R. Leeper

Laird Alasdair mac Iain of ELderslie
Seneschal, Barony of Marinus

James and Nancy Gilly
(formerly KatieMorag@aol.com)

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