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Re: Fencing ban in Meridies

Poster: James and Nancy Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

At 04:24 10-11-96 +0000, you wrote:
>Poster: Scott Silvers/James of Westmorland <ssilvers@liberty.uc.wlu.edu>
>	This is ridiculous.  Heavy fighting is just as dangerous as 
>fencing.  There is just as much chance that a visor will pop open or a 
>combat arrow will break and enter a grill as there is of serious fencing 
>injury.  Heavy fighters are more likely to be injured in fact.  If 
>there's a problem with faulty equipment, make the rules stricter.  

I feel (from knowing both fighters and fencers) that this is only partially
correct.  The heavy fighter is much more likely to suffer some type of blunt
trauma, usually in the form of a bruise.  However, he/she is not using or
facing live steel, however well padded he/she and the weapon may be.  If
rattan breaks, it usually only becomes squudgy, you don't get splinters. The
fighter's gorget is guite up to  protecting from penetration which is a more
likely injury when fencing; the fencer's mask does not fully protect if the
blade has a tip.  Ask my father; he was uninjured when the blade went
through, but it took five minutes to bring his opponenet around.   

>I have a bad feeling about what is going on with all this 
>recent banning of fencing in the Knowne World.  Fencing is period.  
>Accept it and let the people play.  
>				-James
Yes, make the rules stricter (or at least the inspections), and let's not
ban anything: I'm tired of having people think that I need to be protected
from myself.


James and Nancy Gilly
(formerly KatieMorag@aol.com)

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