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would you check these names?

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

I'm going to risk some potentially embarrassing moments and ask the readers of this list for help.

As some of you know, generally I sort my database by award date.  That way, those that have been
waiting the longest get their scrolls done first.  Unfortunately, there are those that have been waiting
for 10+ years, who have either changed their name or dropped out.  What I'd like you readers to do
is to check out my "next" list to see if you recognize these names.  Do these people still play?  Don't
be offended if I've even met you and don't remember as I can go on knowing someone for a solid 
year without ever hearing their full name.  Unfortunately I'm afraid most of these folks have either
stopped playing or moved out of kingdom.  If you know this for a fact, would you tell me?  (I usually
confirm any statements about inactivity before moving folks to a different database so don't assume
your one reply will "remove" someone by mistake.)  What I would really like to know who is DEFINITELY 
still playing.  Would you look and see if you recognize names and jot me a note as to whom you recognize?
Please don't be offended if your name was in the Acorn or in the Rolls and I didn't notice.  
I did check both at least once!

Eventually a larger list will get mailed to seneschals again but I wanted to do a quicker check for the moment.
Please don't reply to the entire group.  I'd rather not fill up everybody's mailboxes. Thanks in advance for any help.!

Here are the names I wanted to check on:

Alianora Munro (I'm almost certain still plays but HAD to check!)
Boroghul Khara
Ysar de la Nuit Blanche
Philena Kyla nic Connell
Karl der Kleinefusse
Aurora des Vignobles
Thorvard Assa
Bianca Caterina della Robbia
Ariadne Flaxenhair
Bran Eirian ap Deriawen
Thorarin Kodransson

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