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Re: Escorting ladies and the like..and explaination

Poster: "N. C. Honeycutt" <missemma@coastalnet.com>

Jason Smith wrote:
> Poster: smithjh@ed.concord.wvnet.edu (Jason Smith)
> -Pardon me barkeep, would you have ale that is dark and has a GOOD kick, I'm
> gonna need it...
> Ok.<snip /del. for length> 

Well, I for one would NEVER be upset by a Lord escorting me into court. 
 Or helping me carry my packages.  In fact, if you see someone loaded 
down it's just plain rude not to offer to help (lord knows for a 
non-fighter I've carried my share of armor).
We have an understanding in our Shire.  Ladies, whether they fight, do 
A&S or just sit around and look spiff are treated with respect and 
honor.  That's why we don't worry about finding an escort in case we're 
called into court.  I know my friends will look after me. (heck, my 
group 'll look after anyone wearing funny cloths. You never can tell, 
they might be SCAdian)
I guess my point is... it's a game.  For most of us it's our escape.  In 
the mundane world I don't get to be a lady.  In my SCA world I do.
If you're a Lady and you don't want an escort fine. I do. I like the 
Spiff and spirit of Courtliness (sp).  So to all those Lords out there 
who are wondering what to do... I can't answer that, but if you here my 
name called and I'm looking like I don't have an escort.  Please, come 
assist me, I'll be very happy to be escorted. 

Emma Lawles
House Wild Rose
ps ( I have 3 single beautiful sisters... they like escorts too. Okay 
well one of them isn't as single as she used to be, but she still gets 
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