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Escorting ladies and the like..and explaination

Poster: smithjh@ed.concord.wvnet.edu (Jason Smith)

-Pardon me barkeep, would you have ale that is dark and has a GOOD kick, I'm
gonna need it...


        Too ALL ladies out their that I may have offended, I'm sorry. And to
all lord's, the same. Here goes...

        I know things are done differently in ALL kingdoms in the SCA. All
have their own special flavour, and this is good. So is escorting a lady, if
she wants to be escorted (no need assualting anyone here). I have
experienced much in my FEW years in this game, but I do not feel it
necessary to give a resume' of my travels or experiences, as it is just not
needed to make a point.  I have had the pleasure of seeing many things done
many ways, but I have only once seen a lady go into court unescorted. It was
HER choice, so I did not pay it much mind. I cannot think of one lady who is
not flattered to be escorted into court, but I'm sure there are some.
(obviously) I come from an old and dying school of thought. My thinking is
that all ladies should be treated as ladies until such time as they prove
otherwise. I thought for the longest time this was a common way of doing
things (mundanely) and I was quite shocked to learn, at a young age, that
not too many people think this way anymore. I still hold doors for ladies,
espically mine, I still pay for meals when I go out to dinner with my lady,
and I try my level best to treat ALL ladies with the respect I want others
to show my lady. And for the most part, gents in the SCA still hold on to
this ideal I thought was long dead. This is encouraging...
        One of the things that really got me was a Pennsic XIV. A fighter
was walking from camp in NW 40 up to the fighting field with my lady. They
were talking and when I saw them, I noticed my lady had an armfull of stuff
she was fumbling around, while the fighter was empty-handed. So I ran to
them and asked the fighter if he had offered to help this lady. He replied
'no' and kept on going. So I gathered her things from her and let her walk
unburdened. Now I ask you, was this right for the fighter not to offer help??
        I guess my point is, I will continue with my way of doing things. Is
my way right or the only way of doing things? No, of course not, but it is
MY way. So pardon me if I take things a little strangely like this. I mean
NO offense to anyone but I must stand for things I believe. 
..oh and one last thing, unless statements are directly aimed at you,
please do not feel the need to attack someone with a differing general
opinion on life, it's just not cool. I 've  gotten 2 attacks about this and
i just made a GENERAL statment about life, not about anyone or anyone's honor...

In service,
Ciaran MacGhabhain
Be true to thy self, and in doing so, ye be true to all...
The dream is what we ALL make of it...If it is wrong, look within first...
then without...

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