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Re: reply mail

Poster: Alys of Foxdale <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com
> What is going on? After months of making an idiot of myself by Reply being
> posted directly to Atlantia L, now that I wanted my last 4 postings public,
> they have seemingly gone in reply only to the previous poster. When did that
> change?
> Will the 5 gentles who accidentally got my posts on the smoking issues as
> personal mail please post them if they haven't been automatically deleated?
> Thank you.
> Miriam E

You must have missed the post where Kendrick announced the change.
Due to a simple majority of responses to his question posed, what, a
couple of months ago? as to whether it should be changed back, plus a
bunch of posts that ought to have been private, he changed it back
about a week ago.

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