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Re: In Search of Baroness Amanda

Poster: Maude <maude@erols.com>

Hinson, Jerome wrote:
> Poster: "Hinson, Jerome" <hinson.msalan3@mhs.unc.edu>
> Unto the Patrons of the Merry Rose,
> Greetings from Ursula von Bremen.
> I have just learned that the phone number printed in the Acorn for
> Baroness Amanda of Walworth (Deputy th the Chancellor of the Exchequer
> for Fundraising, MKA Jennifer Butler or Alexandria, VA) is out of
> service.
> Does anyone out there know how one can get in touch with her?  Any
> assistance will be appreciated.
> Slainte,
> Ursula.
> =======================================================================

Greetings from Lady Maude of Burgundy,

Baroness Amanda of Walworth, her husband Lord Gaelen and baby Tegan, 
have moved to Clemson, South Carolina. Their new phone number is 864- 
653-8385. She is mundanely know as Jennifer Wilson.

In service to the dream, Maude
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