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Re: New Peerage? (fwd)

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

Scott Silvers/James of Westmorland wrote the following:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 10:04:52 +22300454 (EST)
> From: Karen Stegmeier <karen@addl.purdue.edu>
> To: sca-equine@dnaco.net
> Subject: [SCA Equestrian] New Peerage?
> The Order of the Courtier: A Proposal
> 	We have heard alot of talk lately about fencing and equestrian 
> activities and how they should fit into the SCA hierarchy.
> 	We have noticed that the fencers are going through many of the 
> growing pains that archers went through not very long ago.  We also 
> notice that the fencers won't be the last.  The equestrians and the
> hound coursers are already growing in popularity, and we may see falconry
> take its place in the SCA (if it hasn't already in some places!).
> 	Indeed, Where do these activities fit in?  All are good and noble
[rest of discussion deleted]

Argh!  Not another peerage to keep up with!

*calms down*

Seriously, though, I have enough problems with the fact that the SCA invented
3 forms of Peerages, a practice which is not Period.  The idea of continuing
the abomination with an additional one just makes me want more to trash the
current system and go to a more Period practice.  Let us either stay the
course with current, regrettable system or thrust a sword in its belly and
replace it with more accurate practice.  But, let us not build upon a bad
foundation to create a worse mess.

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