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Re: Boring Courts

Poster: "Michael A. Chance" <mchance@crl.com>

Cairistiona Wynde wrote:

> At Court
> that evening, a Lady was called up and she said she had been "moved to song"
> by that ceremony.  She then proceeded to sing a gorgeos song--which she had
> composed that day!  The whole thing was very, very spiff, and could be
> understood anywhere in the hall.

The lady was, by all reports, Viscountess Wander, from the
Principality of the Mists, West Kingdom.  As Her Excellancy is a
former Bard of the Mists, I have no doubt that she was able to perform
the feat described.

For those that haven't heard of the Bard of the Mists competition,
it's quite possibly the toughest the SCA has to offer for vocal
entertainers.  The entrants have to perform an actual medieval piece
(song, story, poem, etc.), a new work prepared in advance and written in
an authentic, documented medieval style, and compose a new work on
site on a theme chosen that day, also in a medieval style.  Extremely
tough criteria, and the winners are truly the "best of the best".

Mikjal Annarbjorn
Michael A. Chance          St. Louis, Missouri, USA    "At play in the fields
Work: mc307a@helios.sbc.com                             of St. Vidicon"
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